Will be held on Friday 7th September 2018. More details will be available closer to the date.


Was held on Friday 8th September 2017.
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Was held on Friday 9th September 2016. Gunallo 150361 sold for $8,000 to Judy and Keith Paech from Lucernbrae, Callington.
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Was held Friday 11th September 2015. Gunallo 140820 sold to David Farr, Loxton, SA for $15,000.00 and Gunallo 140113 sold for $9,000.00 to Glen & Tracy Farr, Loxton, SA. From left to right Richard Miller, David Farr, Ray Schroeder, Brad Schroeder, Glen Farr & Gordon Wood. Both these rams were sold at  Adelaide Ram Sale, 2015. Offered 2 Rams.
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Offered 2 Rams on Friday 12th September 2014.
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Adelaide Ram Sale was held on Friday September 13th 2013 Gunallo “Pride” Purple Tag 008 sold at Adelaide Ram Sale for $22,000 to Fred Leo, “Leovale Poll Stud” WA and Scott Pickering, “ Pyramid Poll Stud”, WA. Pictured are Ray Schroeder, “Gunallo”, Fred Leo, “Leovale” and Brad Schroeder “Gunallo”
LOT 1 – Gunallo Purple Tag 008 “PRIDE”
Micron: 17.8
CV: 17.8 SD: 3.2 CF:99.6
Sire: Kamora Park 37
Dam: Gunallo OR-652***et ewe
GUNALLO “PRIDE” A proud ram structually correct, good on his feet. His wool is deeply crimped, white and well nourished. This young sire is possibly the best we have ever offered.
Check him out – Carries two copies of polled gene
LOT 2 – Gunallo Purple Tag 370 “BOOF”
Micron: 20.7
CV: 13.5 SD: 2.8 CF: 99.9
Sire: WP 717
Dam: Gunallo OR-613** et ewe
GUNALLO “BOOF” A Big square and deep bodied sire, that has a pure muzzle. His wool is soft and long stapled.
Check him out – Carries two copies of polled gene


Pictured is Gunallo’s top priced Adelaide ram ‘Gun 548’ – sold for $4500 to Andrew Hall, Manoora, SA. Andrew Hall is second from left. Gunallo also sold ‘Gun 55’ for $3000 to David Daniell, “Donald Downs”, Coobowie, SA.
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Adelaide Ram Sale – Sold to MR & CE Chadwick for $5,500
Lambs on the ground looking good at this stage.
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ET 838 to J & G Ross for $6000
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1st Ram we sold at Adelaide ram sale ET 438 for $3000 to Mills & Horne “Morley Stud” Cleve, SA. Holding ram is Brad Schroeder, Leonie Mills, Paul Cousins & Alex Horne.


Sale Summary
Offered a team of 4 rams/ Sold 3 :
  • Tag 880 sold for $1,500 to Balaclava Station, Broken Hill
  • Tag 530 sold for $1,500 to GR Bradtke & Son, “Bradfield”, Peterborough
  • HB 16 sold for $1,000 to Merv Doudle, Mt Drumond, Port Lincoln
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