As July 2024 arrives, Ray and Brad Schroeder from Gunallo Stud are delighted to share the exceptional results achieved during the 2023 stud sales calendar and to announce the upcoming 2024 sales events. Reflecting on the achievements from 2023, we are proud of the quality and performance of our rams, which have been well-received by buyers across various regions. We now look forward to showcasing our 2024 Stud Team, starting in July at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show in Bendigo.

2023 Highlights

Classings Classic in Murray Bridge

The Classings Classic in Murray Bridge in September 2023 proved to be a successful event for Gunallo Stud. The breakdown of our sales is as follows:

  1. McPiggery, Lameroo, SA purchased Tag Number 220027 for $10,000.
  1. Wallinar Grazing Co, WA acquired two rams:
    1. Tag Number 220053 for $10,000
  1. Tag Number 220001 for $8,500
  1. Liam Ward, WA bought Tag Number 220242 for $6,500.
  1. Robin Schwartz, Pindara Stud, SA purchased Tag Number 220229 for $6,000.
  1. Balah Nominees, Kieth, SA acquired Tag Number 220072 for $6,000.
  1. Stuart Everett, Lone Gum, SA bought Tag Number 220630 for $6,000.

In total, seven rams were sold at the Classings Classic, generating a gross income of $53,000 and an average price of $7,572 per ram. 

Additionally, a ram was sold after the sale to Mocardy Poll, WA, DJ Millsteed, Tag Number 220480, for $10,000.

2023 Adelaide Ram Sale

The Adelaide Ram Sale in September 2023 showcased the high quality of Gunallo Stud rams, with Sandelwood Poll, Karoonda, SA purchasing Tag Number 220067 for an impressive $20,000.

44th On Property Sale

The 44th On Property Sale in August 2023 was another highlight of the year, with 119 rams offered and 116 sold. The top price was $6,400 and the average price was $2,147. The top results were as follows:

  • Greg Pickering, Vic purchased Tag Number 220867 for $6,400.
  • Stuart Everett, Lone Gum bought Tag Number 220905 for $5,400.
  • P J Gilbertson, Parilla, SA acquired Tag Number 220815 for $5,200.
  • McPiggery, Lameroo, SA purchased Tag Number 220205 for $5,200.
  • Drualat Bore Pastoral, SA bought:
    • Tag Number 220029 for $5,200
    • Tag Number 220509 for $5,000
    • Tag Number 220452 for $5,000
  • Morley Stud, Cowell, SA purchased Tag Number 220261 for $5,000.
  • Hyde Brothers, Pinnaroo, SA acquired:
    • Tag Number 221145 for $5,000
    • Tag Number 221056 for $4,800
  • Chris Guthrie, St Arnard, Vic bought Tag Number 220349 for $4,800.

Overall, Gunallo Stud sold 180 rams in 2023, marking a significant achievement for our breeding program.

Looking Forward to 2024

Ray and Brad Schroeder extend their heartfelt gratitude to all the buyers for their support and trust in Gunallo Stud’s breeding program. The 2023 sales season, from July to October, was a testament to the dedication and hard work invested in breeding superior quality rams that meet the high standards of the industry.

As we look forward to 2024, we are excited to announce the key dates and events where you can see Gunallo’s 2024 Stud Team:

  • 19-24th July: Australian Sheep & Wool Show – Bendigo
  • Thursday, 29th August: 45th On Property Sales – 120 Specially Selected Rams
  • Monday, 2nd September: Classings Classic Ram Sale – Murray Bridge
  • Friday, 6th September: Adelaide Ram Sale – Adelaide

We invite all our clients and enthusiasts to join us at these events and witness firsthand the outstanding quality of our rams. Gunallo Stud remains committed to excellence in breeding and aims to continue delivering top-tier rams in future sales.

We appreciate the continued support and look forward to another successful year ahead. For more information about our breeding program and upcoming sales, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Ray & Brad Schroeder Gunallo Stud