Classings Classic Ram Sale 



Classings Classic Ram Sale 2020

Offered 7 and sold 7 to $24,000          Average    $10,714

190464 “Wally” sold to O’Brien Poll Stud, Kyancutta, SA     $24,000

190557      sold to Peter Fitzgerald, Cummins, SA                  $12,500

190614      sold to Ramsgate Stud, Tintinara, SA                     $9,000

190561      sold to Josh Graham, Glencorrie, KI                       $8,500

190538      sold to Altus Pastoral, Lameroo, SA                       $6,500

190057      sold to Lone Gum Poll, Crystal Brook, SA              $5,000



“1800027” sold at Classings Classic Ram Sale for $11,000 to
Glenwarra Poll Stud Nyngan, NSW.

“180081” Who topped the Classings Classic Ram Sale for $20,000
to Brenton & Jane Smith, Calcookara Stud, Cowell, SA


170295 “Gawny” sold to Superior Wool Syndicate for $60,000.

170256 Sold to John Lamb Pastoral, Willurah Station, Conargo, NSW. For $13,500.

170300 Sold to EM; PG Schenscher for $7,000.

170231 Sold to Bruce Dean, Forest Springs Poll for $13,500.

170001 Sold to DL; LK Pearson, Brinkley, SA for $3,000.

170003 Sold to BJ; PJ Kroehn, “Burung Poll” for $4,000.

170128 Sold to Bill Cameron, “Tinline Park”, Mt Pleasant, SA for $4,000.

170421 Sold to Peter Kuhlmann, Wirrulla, SA. For $2,000.


Was held on Monday, September 4th 2017

Gunallo 152 sold at Classing Classic Ram Sale for $14,000 to Will and Angus McLachlan, Rosebank Stud, Mount Pleasant. 
From Left  Ray Schroeder, Will McLachlan, Bill Walker and Brad Schroeder.

Gunallo 151 sold at Classic Classic Ram Sale for $12,000 to Marrawarra Partnership, Nyngan, NSW.
Pictured are Brad Schroeder, Alison Horton, Ethan Keating, Ray Schroeder & Bill Walker.
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Was held on Monday, September 5th

Gunallo 702 was sold to Vic buyer Stuart Croft for $16,000. 
Left to right: Brad Schroeder, Stuart Croft, Kevin Beaton, Ray Schroeder, Bill Walker and Gordon Wood.
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Was held on Monday 7th September 2015

Gunallo  140007 “Bond” Top priced ram at Classing Classic Ram Sale $30,000.00.
Purchased by a syndicate of Craig & Jed Keller, Ramsgate stud, Tintinara, SA and David Ridgway, Ridgway Advance stud, Bordertown, SA. Plus semen shares to Hynam Poll, Forest Springs studs, Vic and Andrew Joordan, South Africa.
6 Rams were offered
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Held Monday 8th September 2014

Brad and Ray Schroeder, with their $18,000 Gunallo sale topper at the Classings Classic ram sale at Murray Bridge Racecourse, and Landmark stud stock’s Gordon Wood, second from left and sale organiser Bill Walker, Classings Limited, Murray Bridge, third from left.
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Friday 9th September 2013
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Held Friday 28th September 2012
Gunallo 593 – sold at Classing Classic ram sale for $7,000 to (from L to R) Tracy, Olivier & Kevin Hynam, Hynam Poll, Hopetown, Vic and Dudley, Duncan, Robyn & Derick Bibby, Modbury Stud, Donald, Vic.


Sale Report 2011
Classings Classic 2011 – Ram bought from Kamora Park for $14,500.

Lambs on the ground looking good at this stage.
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Gunallo 55

Gunallo 146

Gunallo 185

Gunallo 70

Gunallo 806


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HB 100 “Buddy” sold to Allan Dawson Winya Stud, Canowindra, NSW, for $9750.
This was Classing Classic Ram Sales 2nd highest priced ram.

Pictured is Ray & Brad Schroeder, Allan Dawson and Landmark stud stock auctioneer Godon Wood.
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ET 680 sold at Classing Classic Ram Sale 2008 for $10,000.

Buyer: Kevin Hynam from Hynam Poll Merino stud, Patchewollock, Vic
Left: Ray Schroeder, Kevin & his daughter Olivia
  • Gunallo ET 521 sold for $2,500 to Tim Grosser “Narouta Stud” Eudunda, SA.
  • Gunallo ET 556 Sold For $2,500 to Ian Lillburn Classings, Hay, NSW.
  • Gunallo HB 39 sold for $1,800 to Allan Gum, Parilla, SA.
  • Gunallo ET 840 sold for $1,600 to Ian Lillburn, “Bluebush stud” Hay, NSW.
  • Gunallo HB 52 sold for $800 to Grant Wagenknecht, Murray Bridge, SA.
Classings Classic ram sale report – 2008