Gunallo Reserve 2021

GOn Property Ram Sale


41st On Property Sale 2020

Main Auction 99/100 sold to $8,800 (On property Record) Ave $2,241

190025      sold to Duane Simon, McPiggery, Lameroo, SA    $8,800

190634      sold to Stuart Everett, Lone Gum Poll, Crystal Brook.  $7,400

190632      sold to Stuart & Gavin Brophy, Tintinara, SA   $5,400

190578      sold to Steve Kroehn, Nildottie, SA   $5,200

190206      sold to Altus Pastoral, Lameroo, SA  $5,200

Mini Auction 7 sold to $2,200     ave $1028


Our 2019 On Property Sale will be held on Thursday 30th August.
See the Gunallo On Property team.


Our 2018 On Property Sale will be held on Thursday 30th August.
See the Gunallo On Property team.


Was held on Thursday, 31st August 2017.
Top priced ram at Gunallo On-Property Sale Gunallo 318 sold for $6,100 to Scott Smith, Tara Downs, Wentworth, NSW.

Pictured is David Daniel, Gordon Wood, buyer Scott Smith, Ray Schroeder, Michael Lawrence & Brad Schroeder.
Gunallo 713 sold On-Property for $5,000 to Marrawarra Partnership, Nyngan, NSW.

Pictured is David Daniel, Ray Schroeder, Richard Miller & Bill Walker.


Was held on Thursday, 1 September 2016.
Gunallo top selling ram sold to John and Glen Farr for $8750.

Left to right: Landmark’s Richard Miller, Elders Pinnaroo livestock agent David Daniel, top price ram buyers John and Glen Farr, Ray and Brad Schroeder (kneeling), and Landmark’s Michael Lawrence.

Gunallo second highest price ram sold to Hansie Graetz of Pepperwell and Brenton Smith of Calcookara.
Left to right: Landmark’s Michael Lawrence, Hansie Graetz, Pepper Well, and Brenton Smith, Calcookara, Gunallo principal Brad Schroeder, top ram buyer Glen Farr, Gunallo principal Ray Schroeder and Landmark’s Richard Miller.


Was held on Thursday 3rd September 2015
Gunallo 140009 sold to Altus Pastoral for $3,200.00 (Record On-Property price).
Left to right: Richard Miller, Ray Schroeder, Tom Bell and Craig Altus, Altus Pastoral, Michael Lawrence and Brad Schroeder.

Offered: 90 rams
Sold: 86
Top Price: $3,200
Average: $1349
Mini Auction
Sold: 7
Top: $950


Was held on Thursday 4th September 2014
The top price ram at the Gunallo on-property field day and auctionmade $3,000. Pictured with the ram are Elders Pinaroo’s Pat Larsson; Landmark auctioneer Malcom Scroop; stud principal Ray Schroeder; top-price buyer Stuart Everett, Crystal Book; Classings Limited’s Bill Walker, Murray Bridge; and Bradley Schroeder, Gunallo.

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2014 On-Property Sale Team


Was held on Thursday 5th September 2013
Gunallo “Massive” 385. Top priced ram at Gunallo On-property sale $2,400.
From left to right: Ray Schroeder, Kara Murphy (Landmark), buyers Graham Schenke & Wayne Schenke, Murray Bridge, Pat Larson, (Elders) and Brad Schroeder.

Gunallo On-Property sale Team 2013
LOT 1 – Gunallo Purple Tag 385 “MASSIVE”

Micron: 18.6
CV: 16.7 SD: 3.1 CF:99.6
Sire: WP 717
Dam: Gunallo WH-342*w
Gunallo “Massive” is a tall, deep sided ram, good in his feet. His wool is well nourished, long stapled and deeply crimped and will cut plenty of wool.
Be sure to check him out


Held on Thursday 6th September 2012
Sale report 2012
Private selection 2012

Brad Schroeder holding top priced ram at Gunallo’s 2012 On-Property Sale. Back row from left is Ray Schroeder, Kim Thorpe, Duane Simon, McMahon Bros (Purchaser’s) & Malcolm Scroop (Landmark).
We thank all buyers, under bidders and attendees for your support and wish all purchasers success.
2012 Sale Team


Sale Report 2011

Gunallo On Property Sale – Sold to Peter Charlick for $2,600
2011 Sale Team


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Gunallo On Property Sale

Ray Schroeder, Don Schroeder (Purchaser of Tag 431) and Brad Schroeder.


44/48 Poll Merino’s sold to $1,700 and average $882 (3 sold afterwards)
8/8 Merino’s sold to $1,300 and average $906
A further 17 rams sold in mini auction to $550
The 2009 sale rams were presented in magnificent order ready to reap the rewards of a change in direction of the stud.
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Tag 652 which was top priced ram
at our 2008 On-property sale.
Sold for $3,000 which was a record on-property price.