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31st August 2017

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Keith, Wed 19th July

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Murray Bridge, Displaying Fri July 28th
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Gunallo On-Property Sale

Was held on Thursday, 1 September 2016. 


Gunallo top selling ram sold to John and Glen Farr for $8750.

Left to right: Landmark's Richard Miller, Elders Pinnaroo livestock agent David Daniel, top price ram buyers John and Glen Farr, Ray and Brad Schroeder (kneeling), and Landmark's Michael Lawrence. 


Gunallo second highest price ram sold to Hansie Graetz of Pepperwell and Brenton Smith of Calcookara. 


Left to right: Landmark's Michael Lawrence, Hansie Graetz, Pepper Well, and Brenton Smith, Calcookara, Gunallo principal Brad Schroeder, top ram buyer Glen Farr, Gunallo principal Ray Schroeder and Landmark's Richard Miller.


Classing Classics Ram Sale

Was held on Monday, September 5th

Gunallo 702 was sold to Vic buyer Stuart Croft for $16,000. 

Left to right: Brad Schroeder, Stuart Croft, Kevin Beaton, Ray Schroeder, Bill Walker and Gordon Wood. 


Adelaide Ram Sale

Was held on Friday 9th September 2016. 


 Gunallo 150361 sold for $8,000 to Judy and Keith Paech from Lucernbrae, Callington. 



Top Price 2015 Gunallo On-Property Sale

Gunallo 140009 sold to Altus Pastoral for $3,200.00 (Record On-Property price).
Left to right: Richard Miller, Ray Schroeder, Tom Bell and Craig Altus, Altus Pastoral, Michael Lawrence and Brad Schroeder.

Gunallo Bond - Poll Merino Ram sold for $30,000 at Classings Classic 2015
Gunallo  140007 “Bond” Top priced ram at Classing Classic Ram Sale $30,000.00.
Purchased by a syndicate of Craig & Jed Keller, Ramsgate stud, Tintinara, SA and David Ridgway, Ridgway Advance stud, Bordertown, SA. Plus semen shares to Hynam Poll, Forest Springs studs, Vic and Andrew Joordan, South Africa.

Gunallo 14007 Bond - $30,000 poll merino ram sold at Classings
Another photo of Gunallo  140007 “Bond” Top priced ram at Classing Classic Ram Sale $30,000.00. This time with main purchasers Ramsgate & Ridgway Advance Studs.

Gunallo 140026 Sold for $16,000 Merino Ram
Gunallo 140026 sold at Classing Classic ram sale for $16,000.00 to Superior Wool Syndicate.

Gunallo 140820 and Gunallo 140113 merino rams
Gunallo 140820 sold to David Farr, Loxton, SA for $15,000.00 and Gunallo 140113 sold for $9,000.00 to Glen & Tracy Farr, Loxton, SA.
From left to right Richard Miller, David Farr, Ray Schroeder, Brad Schroeder, Glen Farr & Gordon Wood.
Both these rams were sold at  Adelaide Ram Sale, 2015.

Ridgway 721 Poll Merino Ram Purchased by Gunallo
Gunallo purchased Ridgway 721 for $17,000, which was the second top priced ram at Classings Classic 2015.



2014 Classings Classic - Gunallo Sale Topper
Brad and Ray Schroeder, with their $18,000 Gunallo sale topper at the Classings Classic ram sale at Murray Bridge Racecourse, and Landmark stud stock's Gordon Wood, second from left and sale organiser Bill Walker, Classings Limited, Murray Bridge, third from left.

2014 Gunallo On-Property Sale Top Price
The top price ram at the Gunallo on-property field day and auction made $3,000. Pictured with the ram are Elders Pinaroo's Pat Larsson; Landmark auctioneer Malcom Scroop; stud principal Ray Schroeder; top-price buyer Stuart Everett, Crystal Book; Classings Limited's Bill Walker, Murray Bridge; and Bradley Schroeder, Gunallo.



Gunallo “Pride” Purple Tag 008 sold at Adelaide Ram Sale for $22,000 to Fred Leo, “Leovale Poll Stud” WA and Scott Pickering, “ Pyramid Poll Stud”, WA.
Pictured are Ray Schroeder, “Gunallo”, Fred Leo, “Leovale” and Brad Schroeder “Gunallo”

Gunallo “Massive” 385. Top priced ram at Gunallo On-property sale $2,400.
From left to right: Ray Schroeder, Kara Murphy (Landmark), buyers Graham Schenke & Wayne Schenke, Murray Bridge, Pat Larson, (Elders) and Brad Schroeder.



Gunello 593 top ram at classings classic
Gunallo 593 - sold at 2012 Classings Classic ram sale for $7,000 to (from L to R) Tracy, Olivier & Kevin Hynam, Hynam Poll, Hopetown, Vic and Dudley, Duncan, Robyn & Derick Bibby, Modbury Stud, Donald, Vic.

Highest priced ram
Brad Schroeder holding top priced ram at Gunallo's 2012 On-Property Sale. Back row from left is Ray Schroeder, Kim Thorpe, Duane Simon, McMahon Bros (Purchaser's) & Malcolm Scroop (Landmark).

Adelaide Ram Sale top priced ram
Pictured is Gunallo's 2012 top priced Adelaide ram 'Gun 548' - sold for $4500 to Andrew Hall, Manoora, SA. Andrew Hall is second from left.



Classings Classic - Ram bought from Kamora Park for $14,500.
Classings Classic 2011 - Ram bought from Kamora Park for $14,500.

Lambs on the ground looking good at this stage.